Virginia Crash Investigation Team


Tech Alert #13: Teen Crash

Tech Alert #14: Trailer Crash

Tech Alert #15: Peer Pressure and Drift Racing

Tech Alert #16: Infant Seat/Airbag and Cell Phone

Special Report #13: Motorcycle Crash/Helmet Use Study Volume 2

Special Report #14: Special Report on Young Drivers Involved in Fatal Crashes

Special Report #15: Driver Inattention and Driver Distraction Study

Special Report #16: Event Data Recorder (EDR) Study

Special Report #17: The Effectiveness Of Safety Belt Use In Fatal Crashes

Special Report #18: Motorcycle Safety Helmet Effectiveness Study

Special Report #19: School Bus Crash Evaluation Study

Special Report #20: Child Safety Restraint Study

Crash Team Report #189: Rural Crossroad Intersection Crash

Crash Team Report #190: Teen Fatal Crashes/Two Case Studies

Crash Team Report #191: Older Driver/Complex Intersection Fatal Crash

Crash Team Report #192: Older Drivers/Wrong way and Rear end Collisions

Crash Team Report #193: Military Driver – Fatal Single Vehicle Crash

Crash Team Report #194: Street Racing – Double Fatality

Crash Team Report # 195: School Bus Fatality – Inattentive Driver on Rural Roadway

Crash Team Report #196: Teen Crash – Four Fatalities

Crash Team Report #197: Wrong Way Driver – Double Fatality

Crash Team Report #198: Aggressive Drivers in Merging Lanes - Triple Fatality

Crash Team Report #199: Work Zone – Double Trailer – Multi-Vehicle Crash

Crash Team Report #200: Five Fatality Alcohol–related Collision

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Crash team reports

TSTC encourages using these reports as a guide in evaluating the effectiveness of existing transportation safety programs, as well as assessing the need for additional programs.

The conclusions and recommendations contained in these reoprts are the opinions of the Crash Investigation Team and are not necessarily those of Virginia Commonwealth University.

TSTC welcomes your comments regarding these Virginia Crash Investigation Team Reports.


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