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Sample dissertation titles


Paula S. Barrows
Chair: Dr. Janet R. Hutchinson
Assessing Deployment Risk and Resiliency Factors and the Adjustment Outcomes of Police Officers Serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom

Lorie Coker
Chair: Dr. Janet Hutchinson
Changing the Game: Corporate Social Responsibility in Women’s Professional Sport

Michael Conway Huffman
Chair: Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr.
An Analysis of Virginia Transfer Policy and Articulation Agreements: A Comparative Study of Community College Transfer and Native Students Enrollments and Outcomes in a Teacher Preparation Program

Gokhan Koca
Chair: Dr. Judyth L. Twigg
Socio-Demographic and Motivation Differences Between Active Participants and Supporters in PKK Terrorist Organizations

Timothy Patrick O’Brien
Chair: Dr. Gregory C. Garman
The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: A Public Policy Approach to Saving an Iconic Species

Dennis Parker
Chair: Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr.
An Analysis of the Perceptions of African American Churches in the Delivery of Health and Human Services in Southeast Washington, District of Columbia

Thomas Wendell Point
Chair: Dr. Blue E. Wooldridge
Virginia Transportation Funding: An Analysis of Enhancing the Secondary Highway System Construction Allocation Model Using Brian D. Taylor’s Geographical Equity Criteria

Sarah Scarbrough
Chair: Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr.
Reducing Recidivism in Returning Offenders with Alcohol and Drug Related Offenses: Contracts for the Delivery of Authentic Peer Based Recovery Support Services

Hursit Ucak
Chair: Dr. William W. Newmann
Law Enforcement Intelligence Recruiting Confidential Informants within Religion-Abusing Terrorist Networks


Linda S. Birtley
Chair: Kevin W. Allison
Organizational Capacity to Absorb External Knowledge: An Exploratory Study of Public and Nonprofit Decision Makers' Perceptions of Impediments and Facilitators

Paola V. Brooks
Chair: Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr.
Use of Historic Tax Credits for School Construction in Virginia: Costs, Benefits, Administrative Implications, and Public Policy Issues

Jay A. Brown
Chair: Dr. I-Shian Suen
A Municipal Exigency: An Exploration of the Correlation of Physical and Social Incivilities on the Decline of Residential Property Values in Richmond, Virginia

Courtney Cosby
Chair: Dr. Carolyn L. Funk
Analyzing the Association of Certificate of Need Regulations on Volume and Quality Indicators for Heart and Kidney Transplantation

Alsadig O. Khalafalla
Chair: William Newmann
Evaluating the Success of Benefit Fraud and compliance Act in Affecting Wages and Offers for Seven Common H1B Occupations in Virginia, 2002-2010

Robbie Mitchell
Chair: Dr. Blue Wooldridge
Representative Bureauracy: A study of associations between African Americans at the senior level and the mid level of the Federal Civil Service

Michon Moon
Chair: Laura J. Moriarty
Examining Criminal Justice Professionals' Attitudes and Responsiveness Towards Intimidated Witnesses on the Local Level: An Exploratory Analysis

Emily B. Newton
Chair: Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr.
Assessing Budget Delays in the Commonwealth of Virginia: A cross State Analysis of Political and Economic Factors

Dorothy A. Spears-Dean
Chair: Dr. Blue Wooldridge
Predicting the Diffusion of Next Generation 9-1-1 in the Commonwealth of Virginia: An Application Using the Deployment of Wireless E9-1-1 Technology

Scarlett Schwartz
Chair: Dr. Julie Honnold
Women, Wealth & Social Norms Theory: Financial Behaviors and Perceptions of Affluent Women in Their Prime Years

Pamela Lynn Taylor
Chair: Dr. Blue Wooldridge
Objectionable Team Nicknames: Determining the Likelihood of Selling the Issue of Banning Them in Virginia High Schools

Najmah Thomas
Chair: Susan T. Gooden
Making It Work: Credential and Employment Outcomes of Out-of-School Youth in Southside Virginia

Bulent Ucar
Chair: Blue E. Wooldridge
The Effectiveness of Religion – Affiliated Nonprofit Organizations in Social Services: A Survey Study of Nursing Homes in Virginia


Orhan Bez
Chair: Dr. Susan Gooden
Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Its Relationship with Major Attitudinal Factors: A Comparative Study Between Two Police Regions of Turkish National Police
Nadir Gergin
Chair: Dr. William Newmann
The Nexus between the Ballot and Bullet: Popular Support for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Post-election Violence in Turkey

Ekrem Mus
Chair: Dr. Jill Gordon
Examining Violent and Property Crimes in the Provinces of Turkey for the Years of 2000 and 2007

Sedat Polat
Chair: Dr. Blue Wooldridge
Commitment and Antecedents of Police Officers, First Level, and Mid-Level Supervisors in the Turkish National Police: An Empirical Study of the Three-Component Model of Organizational Commitment

David Pritchard
Chair: Dr. Janet Hutchinson
The Effect of Residency Requirements on Police as Capable Guardians
Vanessa Rakestraw
Chair: Dr. Carolyn Funk
The Impact of the State-Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Program on the Quality of Life of Consumers

Belinda Saunders
Chair: Dr. Morton Gulak
A Profile of Inner-city Public School Districts: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. Metropolitan Area Demographics and the Abandonment of Neighborhood Schools
Sharon Smith
Chair: Dr. Janet Hutchinson
Gender Bias in Leadership Assessment and the Influence on Public Policy

Tuncay Unal
Chair: Dr. William Newmann
What Methods are Used to Recruit College Students into the Turkish Hezbollah?


Khaled Al-deham
Chair: Dr. Judith Bradford
Needs Assessment of Users of Psychiatric Services in Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Almutery
Chair: Dr. John Accordino
Locational Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Christina Barnes
Chair: Dr. Laura Moriarty
Examining Campus Crime at Virginia’s Colleges and Universities

Randy Barrack
Chair: Dr. William Bosher
The Use of Collaboration in Nongovernmental Organization Public Policy Advocacy

Edward Bowman
Chair: Dr. William Bosher
The New College Institute: An Institutional Analysis of the Founding of a New Organization of Higher Education in the State of Virginia

Petra Connell
Chair: Dr. Carl Ameringer
A Time Series Analysis of the Code of Virginia Article 13 – Section 46.2.  Virginia’s Child Passenger Safety law: A Feel Good Law or Legislation that Reduced the Rate of Mortality and Morbidity in Virginia’s Booster Seat Age Children Involved in Motor Vehicle Crashes?

Amy Cook
Chair: Dr. Jill Gordon
Parental Competencies in Juvenile Probationer and Adherence to Court Sanctions and Recidivism Rates

Todd Gathje
Chair: Dr. William Bosher
The Christian Right and Federal Stem Cell Research Policy: A Qualitative Study of Influence and Advocacy Strategies in Congress (2001-2009)

Debra Jacobs
Chair: Dr. Carolyn Funk
Do State Regulatory Institutions Matter: Using Network Theory to Explore Linkages Between Air Policy Boards and Pollution Outcomes

Leon Johnson
Chair: Dr. William Bosher
School Board Taxing Authority in Virginia

John Mkandawire
Chair: Dr. Judith Bradford
The Impact of Health Care at Military Treatment Facilities on Prenatal Care Utilization and Birth Outcomes: An Exploration of Disparities in a Single Payer System

Ozgur Nikbay
Chair: Dr. Judyth Twigg
An Application of Anomie and Strain Theories to Terrorism: Suicide Attacks in Turkey

Simon Okoth
Chair: Dr. Susan Gooden
A ‘Seat at the Table’: Exploring the Relationship Between Pluralist Structures and Involvement in Decision-Making — The Case of the Nile Basin Initiative

Ismail Yilmaz
Chair: Dr. William Newmann
Patterns of Differential Involvement in Terrorist Activities: Evidence from DHKP/C and Turkish Hezbollah Cases


Cheryl Bodamer
Evaluation of an Early Discharge Policy for Infants with Apnea of Prematurity

Parthenia Dinora
Chair: Dr. Susan Gooden
Self-Determination Realized? Consumer Direction: A Case Study of Virginia

Kimberly Freiberger
Examining Incidents of Cyberstalking: An Exploration of an Emerging Crime

Farrah Graham
Chair: Dr. Michael Pratt
Making Sense of the Access Problem: A New Methodology for Analyzing the Role of Information in the College Choice Decision

Pamela Lewis
Chair: Dr. Blue Wooldridge
Readiness to Change Toward Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity in Virginia’s Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services

Suzanne Lowe
Chair: Dr. Laura Moriarty
An Exploration of the Effects of Violent Long-Term Intimate Partner Violence: Listening to Older Women

Robert Marlarkey
The Influence of Differently Framed Information on Decision Making in the Public Budgeting Process: Does Budget Reform Mean a Damn?

Tarron Richardson
Chair: Dr. Nelson Wikstrom
The Voting Rights Act of 1965: Electoral Impact Upon the African-American Community in Richmond, Virginia

Tamara Temoney
Chair: Dr. Janet Hutchinson
Agenda-Setting and the Media: A Look at Child Welfare Legislation in Virginia, 1995-2005.

Susan White
Civic Habits: A Predictive Model of Volunteer Behavior


Brenda Cherie Dawson
Determinants of College Students’ Felon Voting Opinions: A Political Socialization Approach

Suleyman Demirci
Examining Spatiotemporal Change in Neighborhood Crime using Social Disorganization as a Theoretical Framework: A 10-year Analysis of Homicide in the City of Richmond, Virginia

Susan A. FitzPatrick
The Muse in the Classroom: Some Effects on U.S. Nonprofit Arts Organizations of Partnering with Schools

Nicole K. Footen
The Making of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000: Viewed Through the Lens of the Advocacy Coalition Framework

Richard F. Huff
Achieving High Performance in Local Government: Linking Government Outcomes with Human Resource Management Practices

Lynell H. McClinton
Measuring Hispanic/Latino Satisfaction with Health Services in Chesterfield County, Virginia

Imdat Ozen
Impact of EU’s Decisions on Euro-skepticism of Two Turkish Nationalist and Religious Peripheral Parties

Rupa Thadhani
The Patriot, the “Other” and the Hall of Mirrors: A Foucauldian Archaeology of the USA PATRIOT Act

Dietra Y. Trent
Public Policy Preferences and Political Attitudes: Exploring the Generation Divide among African Americans

Felicia D. Williams
Study Abroad and Carnegie Doctoral/Research Extensive Universities: Preparing Students from Under-represented Racial Groups to Live in a Global Environment


Abdul-Kareim Al-Shawairkh
Perceptions of Saudi Students Attending American Universities Towards the New Saudi Mandatory Cooperative Health Insurance Program (MCHIP)

Joice Conyers
The Impact of No Child Left Behind on Charter School Legislation: A Policy Analysis

Freed Etienne
The Social Costs of Urban Sprawl: A Case Study of the Roanoke, Virginia Metropolitan Statistical Area

Stephanie Gruss
Is Safe Haven Legislation an Efficacious Policy Response to Infant Abandonment?

Chaya Jain
The Post 9/11 Federal Homeland Security Paradigm and the Adaptive Capacity of Pubic Administration Theory and Practice

Jennifer Jenkins  
Student Learning Assessment in the Social Sciences: Establishing a National Baseline for Criminal Justice Programs

Mutlu Koseli
Poverty, Inequality and Terrorism in Turkey

Dianne Kurec
Lifelong Learners Study in Virginia

Caitlin Ryan
An Analysis of the Scientific and Professional Health-Related Literature on LGBT Youth Issues, Trends and Gaps

Yilmas Simsek
Impact of Terrorism on Migration Patterns in Turkey

Dana-Marie Thomas
The Influence of Perceptions and Experiences of Racial Discrimination on Body Mass Index (BMI) Among the Black Women’s Health Study Cohort

Thomas Williams
Sinking Poor Decision Making with Best Practices: A Case Study of Artificial Reef Decision-Making in the Florida Keys


Khaled Al-Shuwairekh
The Impact of the Managerial Leadership Style on the Levels of Job Satisfaction of Staff Members: A Study at Al-Imam University (AU) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Corliss Booker
The Impact of Health Information and Health Information Venues on Periodic Screening Outcomes on Inner-city African-American Women

Margaret W. Gachura
Analyzing the Impact of Financial Deregulation on the Risk of Mortgage Default: A Case Study of the Kenyan Mortgage Market

Zachary Goodell
Faculty Perceptions of Academic Freedom at a Metropolitan University: A Case Study

William Dewey Jennings Jr.
Identifying Factors Contributing to Female Inmate Misconduct

Mark Williams
Can Local Government Comparative Benchmarking Improve Efficiency? Leveraging Multiple Analytical Techniques to Provide Definitive Answers and Guide Practical Action

Heather L. Wyatt-Nichol
Organizational Citizenship Behavior and its Antecedents: A Comparison of Traditional and Contingent Workers


Moshobab Al-Kahtani
An Assessment of the Organizational Commitment in the Institute of Public Administration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The Effects of Personal Demographics and Job Related Factors on Faculty Commitment

Nasser Al-Kahtani
Public Managers’ Discourse of Public Service: The State of Virginia

Tama Celi
Female Immigrant Wage Gaps

Charles Conyers
The Use of Privatization Strategies in the Delivery of Welfare Services

Richard Fisher
Partnering Public Sector Construction Contracts: A Conflict Avoidance Process

Linda Larkin
What is the Meaning of Security? A Constructivist Inquiry into the Context of Information Security Policy Development Post 9/11

Nicolle Parsons-Pollard
A Framework for Breaking Barriers: A Program Process and Outcomes Evaluation of a Correctional Intervention Program

Daphne Rankin
A Local Response to National Health Policy: A Case Study of Community Building Through Coalition Action in Henrico County, Virginia

Linda Redmond
The Relationship Between State Political Culture and Adopted State Mental Health Policies: Case Management (CM) and Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

Steven Schmit
A Public Administrator's View on Museum Exhibition: A Case Study

Glenn Starks
Recruiting the Best and the Brightest: An Analysis of the Federal Outstanding Scholar's Program

Angela Taylor
A Comparison of Outcome Evaluation Efforts for the Virginia Department of Health’s Adolescent Sexual Health Initiatives

Norman Westerberg
Accuracy of Perceptions among Criminal Justice Personnel, Policymakers and the Public: An Evaluation of the Goals of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Robert Wichser
The Impact of Implementation of an Environmental Management System on a Local Governmental Authority


Martha Blumenthal
Evaluating Ubiquitous Access to Technology: Teacher and Administrator Perceptions of Effective Classroom Practices

Jana Dunbar
Measuring the Relative Contribution of Factors Influencing Attitudes Towards the Endangered Species Act in Virginia

Paula Margolis
Accounting for Variation in Medicaid Managed Care Capitation Rates

Robert Vaul, Jr.
Virginia Local Government Services Through the Internet: A Diffusion of Innovation

Ba-Shen Welch
The Clinton Presidency and African Americans: Case Studies on Policies Impacting African American Farmers, Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Environmental Justice


Fred Bolton
Non-Prior Service Retention in the Virginia Army National Guard

Erik Brooks
Remnants of the Past: Vestiges of Segregation in Higher Education Policies and Policymaking in the State of Alabama

Richard Foy
The Admissibility of the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test in the Adjudication of Driving Under the Influence: A Study of Virginia

Musaed Furayyan
Public Executive In-service Development in Saudi Arabia

Lynne Gleeson
An Analysis of the Economic Returns to Training for Low Literacy Adults

Patricia Grant
An Analysis of the Perceived Level of Fear and Risk of Victimization Experienced by
Correctional Officers Within a Nontraditional Therapeutic Treatment Center Versus a Traditional Juvenile Detention Center

William Peterson
The Case of Hugh Finn: The Right to Die in Contemporary America

Nancy Stutts
The Corporation as Social Institution: Aligning Public Opinion with Business Solutions to Policy Issues

Kathy Thompson
An Examination of the Government Relations Profession from the Perspective of Contract Lobbyists, Owners of Lobbying Firms and Principal Corporate Lobbyists: A Comparision of Female and Male Lobbyists


Henry Bartlett Jr.
Factors Associated with Primary Care Physicians' Referrals to Mental Health
Professionals for Patients with a Depressive Disorder: A National Survey

Bambang Heryanto
The Spirit and Image of the City: A Case Study of the Changing and Developing Urban Form of Ujung Pandang, Indonesia

Nancy Ross
The Implications of State Developed Funding Formulas: A New Look at Distributive Politics

Thomas Shields
African American Political Involvement in a Southern Suburb: A Case Study of Henrico County, Virginia

Leroy Uguy
Intergovernmental Transfers in Indonesia: An Analysis of Local Conditions and Their Effects on Central Grants Received


Deborah Brock
An Exploration of Comprehensive Collaborative Community: Building Partnerships as Experiments in Democratic Governance

Pajita Diskul
Toward Effective Self-Management Work Teams (SMWT's): The Relationship Between Perceived Leadership Styles and SMWT Characteristics

Pamela Gibson
The Ethics of the Ethics Trainer: The Impact of Demographic and Professional Characteristics on the Moral Reasoning of Federal Designated Agency Ethics Officers

Kelly Myles
Child Mistreatment and Disabilities: Interest Group Involvement in Key Legislation

Kenneth Wagner
Attitudes Towards Drug Testing in Public Workplaces

Judson White
Accountability Issues for a Point/Nonpoint Source Effluent Trading Program in Virginia


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