VCURD’s reports, plans and turnkey tools are tailored to the specific needs of each client, informed by cutting-edge knowledge and practice, and delivered on time. The diverse areas of expertise of our research team and affiliated faculty, as well as the capabilities of affiliated centers at VCU, enable us to conduct a wide variety of projects in multi-disciplinary teams. Examples include:


  • local and regional economic, fiscal and social impacts
  • economic development best-practice studies
  • benchmarking analyses for local and regional organizations

Decision Support Systems

  • community and regional economic and social indicator systems
  • retail district and neighborhood resource allocation models
  • metropolitan land-use trend analysis and forecasting
  • regional economic health diagnostics and forecasting
  • regional economic change and early-warning systems
  • community and regional resiliency indicators

Strategic Planning

  • regional and statewide economic development strategies
  • commercial district revitalization plans
  • community and neighborhood revitalization plans